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 I kind of forgot about you, El Jay.  Um.  Oops?  

I'm still an invalid.  GBS is still kicking my ass.  I had to have another series of IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin)  treatments a few weeks ago.  I need to sleep constantly.  I'm still numb all over, and I kind of hate my body and various doctors and the universe.

I just got a new laptop, because the hinges broke on my old one.  Also, got a Kindle.  It is awesome and I love it.  

In the past six months, I've read, like, a hundred and thirty books.  I spend pretty much all of my time reading.  Except when I'm watching the old Granada/PBS Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  Jeremy Brett is the best Holmes EVAR.  Also, he and Watson are so very gay together.  Brett plays Holmes like a big ol' queen, and I love it.

Comic book friends, what comics should I look at?  It's been almost two years since I read anything.  Marvel suggestions?  Indies?  Graphic novels?  And I'd like to start reading a Batman books, too.  I've been re-interested in Batman thanks to playing Lego Batman.  Which is awesome.

Oh.  That reminds me.  I've been playing video games a lot,  too.  (So, you know, pretty much any activity that involves sitting at home and being restful and quiet.)   Any gaming suggestions?  I like survival horror (Bioshock, Dead Space, Ye Olde Resident Evil) and silly games like the Lego ones.  And I've kind of been growing to like shooter games, too.  I don't even know.  

And I swear to Jesus, if you say I should play Farm Wars or Mafiaville or whatever other FaceSpace game is popular right now, I will reach through the internets and ho-slap you.


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Jan. 4th, 2010 12:21 am (UTC)

I don't actually follow Batman comics, but somehow am reading both Detective Comics (which now features Batwoman as a main character) and Batgirl (which is sort of DC Comics' 'oops we screwed up all these female characters and now are going to put them in a book together and try not to be like that, at least until we forget that was our goal' book). Unfortunately, I don't think any of those have a TPB out yet and that's all the DC I'm reading.

I can't remember what Marvel stuff you like, other than Jubilee (who hasn't been in anything) and Deadpool (who has been in a whole whole lot of shitty books). Any guidelines? I think you'd probably like the Iron Man book Matt Fraction has been writing -- which has a few collections out already). X Factor was kind of lousy for a while but has gotten good again (Rictor and Shatterstar are officially boyfriends, omg). Terry Moore and Kathryn Immonen have been writing Runaways but I'm not sure what you'd think of it -- it's not really the book it used to be. Indiewise, I feel like you'd like Joe Kelly's I Kill Giants (though warning, it's 'make you cry in your pancakes at IHOP sad' in places, not that this happened to me); and possibly Mysterius the Unfathomable by Jeff Parker? It's got a kind of Dr. Who vibe. Oh, and back in Marvel, Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker is awesome and ridiculous -- make sure you start with the miniseries. Oh, and there's more Phonogram out!

(And I realized I'm assuming you were asking for stuff that's out in collection, but also obviously you can get all of this on the Internets, in theory).

Also, hi. :) So sorry you're ill, but glad you're back with the Internet.
And also
Jan. 4th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
After playing at my friend's house I have to force myself not to buy a PS3 because that would lead to DragonAge and that would lead to Lauren never leaving the house again...so I figured since you can't really leave the house it'd probably be more appropriate for you than me :P
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